Chesed Funds

The previous Rebbe of Biale Bnei Brak z”l saw the need for support for families blessed with many children and little financial ability and established the Chasdei Duvid organization. The organization operates a system of food support for families and poor  individuals all year round.

The organization distributes large-scale pre-holiday food vouchers to many large families, which greatly eases the typically heavy holiday expenses. Also, for every birth the family receives food stamps and shopping expenses. Within the organization, there is an aid organization for mothers after birth, which is responsible for providing hot and fresh food to the mother’s home.

Another  branch of Chasdei Duvid is a soup kitchen for the needy that provides hot meals throughout the day for every needy person who enters its gates, and the Rebbe  shlita himself participates in serving the poor often on Rosh Chodesh and on the eve of his children’s marriage.

The present Rebbe Shlita saw the need for support for families with children and the incapacitated and worked to expand the Chasdei Duvid organization. The organization spreads a network of food security for families and individuals from all streams and sectors all year round.

In numbers

Food baskets
Children were academically supported
Widowed and orphaned families
Orphans who have been married with dignity

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Funds for orphans and widows

In the organization “Mismeach et Sheli” (“Make happy Mine), the Rebbe shlita established a shell of economical, physical and emotional support for widows and orphans.

One of the foundations of the organization is the fund for melamdim, women teachers, and private tutors for the orphan children. Special emphasis is put on emotional support, besides progress in learning.

The organization authorizes the tutor to be a kind of father figure who accompanies the child at all times and looks after all needs. The Rebbe personally monitors each orphan in the program, while funding and budgeting for whatever is required..

The organization assists financially with food stamps and shopping for widows on a regular but dynamic and vigilant basis for changing needs.

In addition, the organization occasionally holds gatherings and field trips for widows and orphans with full funding, without the families’ own participation.

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A letter to the organization's supporters

והיות ובימינו הדבר גובל בפיקוח נפש וע"כ אפנה בזה לאחינו בני ישראל בכל מקום שהם, אנא! אחים יקרים טלו חלק במפעל חסד וכביר זה ועמדו לימינם.

ואברך בזה כל אשר יזכו להשתתף ולפעול ולתרום מכוחו והונו מעבר ליכולתו במפעל חסד זה נעשה שותף להצלת נפשות ממש וירחמו עליו מן השמים ויראה אך טוב וחסד ורחמים כל הימים ברוחניות ובגשמיות ולא יזדקק לבשר ודם ויראה נחת דקדושה מכל יוצאי חלציו לאריכות ימים דשנים ורעננים .

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